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WestonBoxes News — plastic storage boxes

Doggy Snack Boxes!

Business Card Box Plastic Boxes plastic storage boxes Weston Boxes WestonBoxes

A big thanks to Lorna from Four Legged Physio for sending us these great pics of her Super Sardine Snacks as packaged in WestonBoxes Business Card Boxes. We donated the boxes to Lorna who then sold these tasty looking dog snacks on behalf of the GSPCA - Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - at an event last week. We hope it went well for you Lorna! Lorna runs an animal physiotherapy business in Guernsey, you can read about it here We love this kind of thing... If you have an unusual application for our boxes...

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Crafty Tool Box Out Now!

Craft Storage Craft Storage Boxes Crafty Tool Box plastic storage boxes WestonBoxes

Its here! The Crafty Tool Box is now in stock! The Crafty Tool Box, which is essentially a sturdy version of our A4 Storage Box but with the added features of an almost full depth lid and dividers permanently moulded into the base, has been introduced because of demand for a compartmentalised box from our customers in the craft trade.The box will be ideal for storage of your art and craft supplies with divided sections specifically arranged for paint brushes, small paint pots, embellishments of all kinds and of course beads!Ideal for storage or display purposes this box will also fit...

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Random Coloured Plastic Boxes – Low Prices!

coloured boxes coloured plastic boxes Plastic Boxes plastic storage boxes

 If you are the kind of customer for whom the price of your boxes is more important than colour then we have something new which may be of interest to you – Random coloured plastic boxes! S.B.Weston manufacture standard clear boxes 90% of the time – we have facilities in house to recycle any that are not fully formed or are damaged during manufacture, meaning we do not waste any clear Polypropylene during the manufacturing process. When we manufacture coloured plastic boxes there are a certain amount of boxes produced as the colour seeps through which are not solid colours...

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Weston Boxes - CraftPacks in 4 New Colours

Craft Storage Craft Storage Boxes Crafts plastic storage boxes Storage Boxes

  WestonBoxes CraftPacks consist of an A4 Storage Box with either 17 Business Card Boxes (an 18 Box Set) or, 4 Deep Business Card Boxes and 9 Business Card Boxes inside (a 14 Box set). The CraftPack is an ideal way for crafters to store small embellishments, glitters, beads etc in a container which allows easy viewing and access of the parts without having to unclip lids or catches.Due to an increase in sales of this product line on our website, we have now introduced the 14 and 18 box CraftPacks in new colour options. The original 14 box set...

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