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About WestonBoxes

Q. Do you make bespoke boxes?

A. Our boxes are injection moulded - a process where molten plastic is injected into a mould to create the product. This process requires a mould to be produced before any products can be manufactured. A typical mould will cost around £10k. So the answer is generally 'no we cant make a bespoke box to your dimensions', BUT, if you require a large volume of boxes and are happy to put up the cost of a tool then the answer is YES we can produce an injection mould tool for you and also manufacture your product. Read more about our plastic injection moulding services at

Q. I love WestonBoxes can you tell me more about the products and the company?

A. Yes! WestonBoxes are a range of plastic packaging, presentation and storage products manufactured in the UK by S.B.Weston Ltd. a family-owned plastic injection moulding company.

Westons was established in 1948 by Selwyn Buyers Weston, an engineer and entrepreneur who saw the potential benefits of mass producing plastic components and was the designer of the original hand-operated pump dispenser you now see on so many soaps and moisturisers. His son, Tony Weston and fellow engineer David Dodman took over the company in the 1960s after Selwyn passed away. The company now thrives under the management of Tony’s son, Selwyn’s grandson, Reid Weston and David's son Chris Dodman.

Having produced a wide range of plastic products over the last six decades, S.B.Weston Ltd. began manufacturing boxes in the 1990’s. We have now sold over 80 million WestonBoxes worldwide.

All operations and production of our boxes occurs at our plant in Sunbury-On-Thames (UK) where we have a range of injection moulding machines and injection mould tool-building facilities., our site dedicated to the sale of our boxes, now serves thousands of UK customers. If you would like to read more about S.B.Weston Ltd. plastic injection moulding services please visit our website here.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of our products or services by emailing